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Demand is the source of power! Domestic car GPS market depth scan - Car, GPS, navigation - the automotive supplies industry
Year drew, inventory of domestic Electronic Market, and the other person's attention in 2009 is the fastest growing car industry GPS Its Sell Amount has reached 50 billion, annual sales growth of over 50% growth over Car Market. According to statistics, car GPS market, I swim in any GPS brand, represented by a dozen major, independent brand, as many as 300 car GPS manufacturers, as white plates and cottage is endless. The face of such popular car GPS market, particularly in its concern for the local outbreak is like from there to overnight, people ask, the rapid development of the domestic car GPS market, the source for that?

Global Positioning System to improve the performance of applications-A-GPS, positioning systems, navigation - HC Network Communication industry
Using A- GPS , Receivers do not have to download and decode the navigation data from GPS satellites, it could have more time and processing power to track the GPS signal, this can reduce the time to first fix, with the largest increase in sensitivity, and availability.

GPS running watches offer improvements
NEW ORLEANS - My accessories for last month's Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans included a pair of bead necklaces and three watches.

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